1) I am a huge Cincinnati Reds fan

2) I am a social media (Twitter, Facebook) addict.

3) I am still legally married.

4) I’ve been separated from my husband since 10/31/09.

5) My best friend and I became a couple on 2/10/10.

6) My best friend is a woman. 

7) I love all kinds of music but can’t tolerate the newer rap.

8) When I meet new people I can come off as shy, but I really just stay quiet if I don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation.

9) I really don’t think I can come up with 100 facts.

10) I can get sucked into to infomercials for hours.

11) I do not have a college degree, but a lot of people think I have one.

12) No one ever believes I was born in 1976.

13) I’ve had the same job since 10/23/96.

14) I’m a certified pharmacy technician at Rite Aid in Kettering, OH.

15) I do not have many friends in my hometown.

16) I’m sure my co-workers just tolerate me because I’m good at my job.

17) My pharmacy manager is the best boss I’ve ever had.

18) I just recently upgraded my cell phone to a smart phone.

19) Every time I set my phone down without locking the screen I manage to open the I Heart Radio app.

20) I was born in Dayton, OH and I’ve never lived anywhere else.

21) I hate kids and have never wanted any.

22) I love reality shows, but not the trashy ones. (I like Storage Wars, Chopped, Pigman, Hoarders, etc) 

23) I deleted my MySpace profile sometime around Thanksgiving.

24) I’ve been on Twitter since 1/15/09. I joined because @Nollie38 asked me to join.

25) I have a serious MLB catcher fetish.

26) My favorite 3 MLB catchers are: Johnny Bench, Jason Varitek, and Ryan Hanigan. I’ve met Bench and Hanigan.

27) I can tie a knot in a cherry stem.

28) I can unhook a bra with my teeth.

29) I have A.D.D.

30) Yes, I still have a Xanga account.

31) I am at total pharmacy nerd.

32) I love burlesque.

33) My favorite number is 42 because it’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

34) The only professional sport strike/lockout I sympathized with was the NHL one a few years ago.

35) I don’t drink very often and I have a very high tolerance.

36) The only Sonic Youth song I like is their cover of “Superstar” by The Carpenters.

37) I’m not attracted to rail-thin girls or guys.

38) My maternal grandmother is my hero and the strongest woman I know.

39) My mom passed away 8/5/02. She was only 53. I miss her every day.

40) My maternal grandfather passed away on 11/8/02. My grammy told him, “It’s okay you can go. I love you.” and he passed a few minutes after that. 

41) Telling that story still brings tears to my eyes.

42) I am a creative writer.

43) I have a scar on my back from a dart hitting me when I was little. My brother threw it, banked it off the drop ceiling and it got me on the descent. 

44) I was probably 6 when that happened and did not cry.

45) My brother is 22 months older than me and we are pretty close. A lot of people think we’re twins.

46) I had a tarot card reading in January and it brought me to tears.

47) I’m such a Libra.

48) I know the movies Airplane! and The Breakfast Club word for word.

49) My first concert was New Kids On The Block at Riverfront Coliseum.

50) My first comedy show was Carrot Top at The Nutter Center.

51) I was married for 7 years before walking away.

52) I have no interest in NCAA sports. 

53) I only filled out a bracket because I was bored and it was $5 to get in the challenge. 

54) For the first time in my life I have a little money in the bank and it’s my “move to Chicago fund”.

55) My blood type is O negative. I’m a universal donor and need to get back into donating.

56) I have a fear of uncontrolled crowds. I have a panic attack unless I’m with someone I trust and then it sometimes still gets bad.

57) I feel safer walking after dark in Cincinnati than I do in Dayton.

58) Same goes for Chicago. Wrigleyville to be exact.

59) I saw games at the two oldest ballparks in the MLB last year. (Wrigley and Fenway)

60) I’d kill for some Giordano’s right now.

61) My favorite pitcher is Bronson Arroyo.

62) I made a vow that this MLB season I am not going to trash other teams or their fans.

63) I love anime and manga.

64) I am fat and I am working on getting thinner.

65) I would make my Twitter private but I talk to people who don’t follow me and I don’t beg for follows.

66) I never though 310 miles was that far until my BBF became my girlfriend.

67) Bad grammar in the written form drives me crazy, but I talk like I’m uneducated sometimes.

68) I have bad hearing.

69) I have mono-vision, which means I am far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other.

70) I can lie when drunk.

71) I cannot dance.

72) Benadryl makes me hyper.

73) I suck at math once letters start getting involved.

74) I think only one person will read this all the way through.

75) I fell in love with my girlfriend when she saved my life. 

76) I am bipolar.

77) My mom taught me everything I know about baseball.

78) I believe food addiction and sex addiction are complete bullshit.

79) I have a nasty temper.

80) I get called a bleeding heart liberal a lot when in reality I chose to think for myself and not be a follower.

81) I carry a Hello Kitty lunch box to work. It’s full of my work junk.

82) My boobs are my best asset.

83) I made this a blog post so I don’t clog anyone’s timeline and get unfollowed.

84) I broke my tail bone when I fell off a pogo stick.

85) I’ve been bisexual since I was 16.

86) I want to cook dinner for my girlfriends parents. They are so awesome.

87) I broke 2 toes on my left foot practicing sliding during softball.

88) I gave up softball to manage the wrestling team during my junior and senior years and I can still score matches.

89) I got my first tattoo in Boston and my second in Chicago.

90) I had arthroscopic knee surgery 7/12/07.

91) I love Dr. House (Hugh Laurie). He’s sexy.

92) I am fluent in sarcasm.

93) I cry easily. I wish I could change this.

94) I have a 1999 Saturn SL1 that I named Perry. Perry Saturn, get it? No one ever does. Google.

95) I wanted to be a nurse when I was little because my mom was one.

96) While in Chicago @Nollie38 and I bought Cubs Ryan Dempster shirts while wearing Reds Bronson Arroyo shirts and confused the sales clerk.

98) I was bitten in the face by a dog when I was 10 and needed 9 stitches on my upper lip. It was my grandparents dog, Jake. 

99) I believe that it is better to live your life without worrying about regrets. 

100) My favorite band of all time is Nine Inch Nails.