Oh, let me tell you how much I dislike bandwagon fans and fair weather fans. These so-called fans irritate me to no end. Seriously, how hard is it to pick a team and stick with them through thick and thin?

I’ve never found it too difficult. I’ve been a Reds fan since birth. My mom, her parents and my brother are also die-hard Reds fans. (My mom passed away in ’02) Also my aunts on my dad’s side are huge Reds fans. As you can see I’ve been around baseball all my life. I also follow Indians and Red Sox baseball but not to the degree that I follow the Reds.

Yes, there have been times when I want to drive to Cincinnati and strangle certain players and/or managers. Obviously I haven’t become that crazy yet. Or have I? (No, not yet.)

Anyway, moving on… 

Bandwagon fan: Anyone who claims they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don’t own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.

Fair weather fan: A person who is not a dedicated fan of a sports team. They only watch a game if it peaks their interest. 

In most cases fair weather fans are bandwagoners who join in on the hype of a team or sporting event. Examples of this are: The Superbowl, The World Series, and Playoffs in general. 

In other cases fair weather fans are people who just watch the sport or certain games when ‘the weather is right'(when they feel like it). These fans are not characterized as bandwagoners because they have been fans of the sport/team before the hype and or big game (ex. Superbowl).

Sorry. I felt the need to post definitions because the two are very different. Most true fans know the difference between the two.

Here’s a funny story. Recently I went to visit my best friend in Chicago. She noticed that Ryan Dempster was pitching the next day for the Cubs at Wrigley and we found wicked cheap tickets to the game. Now, I like Ryan Dempster but I’m certainly not a Cubs fan. There are a few players that I like on the team that I do respect as good players. (Dempster, Soto, Theriot and Fontenot.) Not to mention the fact that I can enjoy a good baseball game with my best friend! And I was in the oldest stadium in MLB. The funny part is a couple Reds fans that I was friends with on Twitter unfollowed me because I went to a Cubs game and cheered for the Cubs. Yeah, I had a few friends who gave me a hard time about it but really? You’re going to unfollow someone because they went to a game while on vacation? Hahaha whatever. (I’m not going to mention any names because I didn’t really give enough of a fuck to care.) Here’s  a picture I took of Soto, Dempster and Theriot.

Go ahead and tell me how stupid I am for taking pictures, cheering for a division rival, enjoying time spent with my best friend, who happens to be a Cubs and Red Sox fan. While you’re at it, I’m also going to a couple Red Sox games in July when Nollie and I go to Boston for a week in July. Go nuts. Leave shitty comments. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll take a metric fuckton of pictures at Fenway too.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken during a Reds game. 

As per usual, my blogs are very ADD.