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Let me start by saying my favorite MLB player is Jason Varitek.

I am on Twitter (AniRayne33) and just reading all the so-called fans of the Red Sox hate on Jason was horrifying.
I mean, am I so naive in thinking Jason is valuable member of the Red Sox?
I love all my Cincinnati Reds.
All of them.
Yeah, I get pissed at certain ones from time to time, but I’ve never demanded someone’s retirement.
Yes, Jason is 37.
Yes, that is considered old for a pro athlete.
For gods’ sake, Johnny Bench was 36 when he retired and by then he was hardly catching anymore.

By the latter part of his career, Johnny Bench was being compared to the greatest catchers in baseball history, but the years behind the plate began taking their toll on his knees, which is a common ailment for catchers. For the last three seasons of his career, Bench caught only 13 games and played mostly first base or third base. <– From Wiki.
I give him a lot of credit for getting out there and playing when he can.
So, fuck all y’all haters.
“There’s no crying in baseball”