I do love the Reds. As much as I tried to hate them after the last two MLB strikes, I just can’t stop cheering for them.
Which leads me to my favorite active RHP Bronson Arroyo.

I swear to gods, I feel like that idiot in the “leave Brittney alone” video. But seriously, leave the poor guy alone. He goes out there every fifth day and gives it all he has, which may not seem like all that much sometimes.
I, like Bronson, have carpal tunnel syndrome and I totally sympathize with him. There are so many “fans” out there screaming for him to be traded, but I just want to remind all of them about all the games Bronson has won. No, I am not going to look up his stats; I’m far too lazy for that.
I also know that Dusty Baker is kind of pushing for him to go on the DL and Bronson doesn’t want to do that. I totally understand why he doesn’t want to do that. Sometimes all that keeps me going is using my hands, not resting them.
I also understand his hesitation about CT surgery. I personally will never get it done because I know way too many people who’ve end up feeling worse after they’ve had it done. Yes, numb fingers and sore wrists hurt like hell and I’m sure it’s far worse for a pitcher.
I also understand him being upset he can’t play the guitar, because I used to be a video game fiend and cannot play that much anymore. 😦
Dude, I know I’m just a pharmacy tech and he’s a MLB starting pitcher, but I just want to say how much I can relate to his pain.
Now. I feel a little better now that I’ve vented some. 🙂

Luv you Bronsie! I think you’re having a great season!