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I’m writing this the day after The Reds placed Joey Votto on the 15 day DL. After reading numerous articles and flat out guesses at what might be wrong with him, I’ve come to a conclusion:
Leave Joey alone damn it!
I don’t really think it’s fair for these media types to guess at his problem. I believe Nollie said it best last night during our chat:
[22:31] aniRayne: I feel so bad for Joey Votto
[22:31] VulcanDiva: i heard he has stress issues. what exactly is wrong w/ him?
[22:32] VulcanDiva: they were discussing it during the cubbies game but i wasnt paying much attn
[22:32] aniRayne: They ain’t saying. Walt Jockity said it’s a personal issue and Joey doesn’t want it in the press
[22:32] VulcanDiva: good
[22:32] VulcanDiva: i hated it when the cubs commentators were discussing who in the mlb has mental issues
[22:33] aniRayne: yeah
[22:33] VulcanDiva: i guess it’s ok to discuss physical issues b/c thats more part of the game…but come ON i dont need to know who has social anxiety disorder, etc.
[22:33] aniRayne: yeah
[22:34] aniRayne: they don’t know if he’ll be back in 15 days
[22:34] VulcanDiva: he should take the time he needs, and the media should stfu about it.
[22:35] aniRayne: being a mid market team, the reds aren’t used to the press being all up in their business
[22:36] VulcanDiva: the press shouldn’t be in anyone’s fucking business

Having dealt privately with my own mental issues, I can honestly say it really isn’t anyone’s business. It’s between you and your doctor.
I wish Joey all the best and hope he can overcome any problems he is having.

Joey, I hope to see you back on the field soon! 🙂