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USA: home team

Top of the 1st:
Since I missed the top of the 1st inning I’m pulling this off MLB.com Gameday.
Kingsale strikes out on foul tip. De Caster grounded out to Rollins and Simon flies out to Youk.

Bottom of the 1st:
Jimmy Rollins hits a pop fly which is caught by the Dutch 2nd baseman Yurendell de Caster for the first out. Roberts, who is replacing Pedey, who is out of the WBC with a minor abdominal strain gets a single. Jeter gets walked and I’m waiting for lightning to strike because I caught myself thinking he looked cute. (!) Youkilis gets a walk so now the bases are loaded. Seriously after watching the game last night, I need this to be a competitive game at the very least. Wright hit a sacrifice fly and brings Roberts home.
“The most beautiful play in the game is a sacrifice fly, and you know why? ‘Cause you give yourself up for the team? And it doesn’t even count against your average. That’s why baseball’s better than life – it’s fair.” The Fan
 Anyway Dunn decides to strike out on a foul ball and thus ending the inning.

USA 1 – NED 0

Top of the 2nd:
Sidney de Jong gets a single and makes it to 1st base, Engelhardt tries to bunt but it’s foul and he eventually grounds out and the double play is made. Rooi files out and it’s caught by Adam Dunn.

Bottom of the 2nd:
Braun gets a single and during Iannetta’s at bat he’s caught trying to steal 2nd by de Caster. Iannetta is called out on strikes for 2 outs. Damn it… Granderson gets to2nd on an error by Van’t Klooster. Jimmy fuckin’ Rollins HR!!!! Holy gods!!! That’s sweet. That brings both Granderson and Rollins home and then Roberts gets a double. Heh heh the coach is at the mound and next up is Jeter, who I actually felt bad for last night after the mercy loss to PR. I just want to say how ridiculous the PR team looks with Best Buy and T-Mobile ads on their uniforms. I’m sorry, I find that tacky. Aw damn, he grounds out for out 3.

USA 3 – NED 0

Top of the 3rd:
Dirk Van’t Klooster is up and these Dutch names are killing me! He strikes out bringing Kenley Jansen up to the plate, who decides to single on a ground ball. (I know he really didn’t decide to it; it sounded funny.) Schoop is up to the plate and isn’t having much luck either. On deck is Kingsale and can I say I love his name? Schoop is out and let’s see what Kingsale does… He singles and goes to 1st moving Jansen to 2nd. Crap I still don’t know who I want to win but I do hope Boyd pitches for the Netherlands on account of him being so hawt. Gods, de Caster singles loading the bases with 2 outs. Simon flies out and this is the only time I’ll like pop flies. It’s caught by Jimmy Rollins taking us to the:

Bottom of the 3rd:
NED P change: Juan Carlos Sulbaran in for Rick VanderHurk.
Youkkkk!!!! Damn de Caster! Kevin grounds out for out #1. C’mon Wright!!! Woo!!! A single! I’ll take it! C’mon Dunnnnn!!! Damn it…Dunn grounds into a forced out and Wright is out at 2nd. Dunn takes 1B but I doubt anything is going to come of this. Ryan Braun flies out and as such, the inning ends.

USA 3 – NED 0

Top of 4th:
Okay oops…I got distracted reading an article about Jon Lester in parade magazine. LOL Let me pull up MLB.com and see what I missed. Hmmm… Okay, Sidney de Jong reaches 1st on a throwing error by Wright, Engelhardt grounds out and de Jong goes to 2B with 1 out, Rooi (pronounced Roy btw) strikes out, Van’t Klooster singles and now de Jong is on 3rd. Jansen is at the plate and let’s hope for a SO. YES!!! I do feel bad rooting against the Netherlands, because I love underdogs.

Bottom of 4th:
C’mon Iannetta!!!! Gods…get off of Peavey’s nuts and get back to the game! Chris gets walked and now Granderson is up and he’s out. C’mon Jimmy!!! (No, not Edmonds…Rollins LOL.)  C’MON!!!! *Screams, Jumps up and down* Rollins triples and Iannetta comes home!!!!! Roberts is up and so far he’s been doing a good job of patrolling 2B. *Screams again* TRIPLE!!!!!! Rollins comes home and now USA is up by 5. *grins* Pitching coach out to the mound and I can’t say I blame him. Although I’ve been thinking; just how fair is this game anyway? Every player on team USA is a MLB player, all-star, MVP’s, Cy Young winners and such. Well the Netherlands did beat the Dominican Republic and their team had an awful lot of talent too… Ah a P change Michael van Kampen on the mound now. Jeter!!! C’mon Jeter!!! Bring Roberts home!!!! Shit the count is 2-2; Derek don’t make me kick your MFY ass!!!! (And I don’t mean Derek Lowe either!) 3-2 damn, damn, and double damn. Well at least he walked… Youkie baby get a HR for me darlin’! Well damn 1-1 count. C’mon I know you can do this Youk! Damn the Dutch pitching is bad tonight. YAY Youkie brought home Roberts but Jeter is forced out at 2nd awww… (Nollie is gonna toss me out of our version of the RSN LOL) Can I just say David Wright is hawt?! Aww too bad he grounded out.

USA 6 – NED 0 (Dude I feel bad for the Dutch team)

Top of the 5th:
Pitching change LaTroy Hawkins in, Roy Oswalt out.
Schoop is up for NED let’s see what happens. Schoop grounds out, Kingsale grounds out and de Caster flies out. Well that was quick.

Bottom of the 5th:
P change David Bergman in for Michiel van Kampen.
Dunn singles on a ground ball, which is described as sharp. Go Braun!!! YAY a single on another one of those “sharp” ground balls. Dunn is on 2B and Braun is on 1B. *Screams* GO IANNETTA!!!!! Bases loaded on Iannetta’s single. C’mon Granderson!!!! Fuuuuck Dunn is out at home but the bases are still loaded with only 1 out. *grins* Jimmy!!!! *please for the love of all that is holy get a grand slam!* C’mon!!!! Sac fly bringing Braun home I’ll take it. Roberts is up and there is another coaching visit to the mound.
P change Diegomar Markwell in for David Bergman.
Brian Roberts is on fire tonight; hell the entire team is on fire after getting embarrassed by the PR team last night. I hate intentional walks! Bases loaded again. Why intentionally walk Roberts? Jeter is up and he does have a pretty good bat. 2-2 count… C’mon Jeter!!!!! *looks around for lightning* 3-2 count… The announcer just made a note of how many Red Sox fans in the crowd are screaming for Jeter LOL! Foul, foul, foul and damn he grounds out.

USA 7 – NED 0

Top of the 6th:
Okay this is entire inning is almost all from MLB.com Gameday. I had to put the laundry away.
P change Scot Shields in for LaTroy Hawkins.
Randall Simon lines out to RF Adam Dunn for out 1, Sidney de Jong singles on a line drive, Bryan Engelhardt singles on a ground ball to LF, Vince Rooi grounds out and de Jong (pronounced DeYoung btw) and Engelhardt advance. Van’t Klooster is replaced by Curt Smith, who grounds out to 1B Kevin Youkilis.

Bottom of the 6th:
P change Leon Boyd in for Markwell. (Walt, Mark, Theo? Are you watching this P? He’s got the potential to be the next Papelbon.) Danny Rombley takes RF and Curt Smith is out of the game.
Youk grounds out sharply. (WTF does that even mean?!) Wright strikes out and I walked in the room just in time to see Adam Dunn’s HR! *grins* Ryan Braun struck out while the camera was following Dunn in the dugout.

Leon Boyd

USA 8 – NED 0

Top of the 7th:
P change Brad Ziegler in for Scot Shields.
Jansen grounds out, Sharlon Schoop singles on a “soft” ground ball (USA hit ‘em sharp and NED hits ‘em soft?!), Kingsale singles on a “sharp” ground ball advancing Schoop to 2B. I am so amused by the sharp and soft ground balls, as they all look alike to me. LOL! Yurendell de Caster doubles bringing Schoop home, Randall Simon flies out and Sidney de Jong grounds out. There is no mention if it was a sharp or soft ground ball. *dies*

Bottom of the 7th:
P change; awww I like Leon Boyd. Dennis Neuman on the mound now.
Iannetta grounds out; oh well I could make him feel better LOL. Granderson walks and that brings Rollins to the plate. 2-0 count; c’mon Jimmy!!! If I hear Day-o one more time… Rollins flies out damn it. Roberts is up now… let’s go Roberts! 3-0 count. I HATE INTENTIONAL WALKS!! Runners on 1B and 2B…c’mon Jeter! Damn a forced out and the inning is ovah.

USA 8 – NED 1

Top of 8th:
P change Matt Lindstrom replaces Brad Ziegler, Mark DeRosa replaces David Wright at 3B and Shane Victorino comes in for Adam Dunn in RF.
Engelhardt gets a HR, which brings the Davy Johnson to the mound. Rooi flies out, Rombley walks, Adriana singles on one of those “sharp” ground balls we’ve heard so much about tonight and Rombley goes to 3rd. Schoop is out on a sac fly bringing Rombley home.
P change John Grabow comes in for Matt Lindstrom, who may be hurt.
Kingsale walks with 2 outs and 2 on. Yurendell de Caster flies out and it’s caught by Ryan Braun for the third out.

Bottom of the 8th:
P change Berry Van Driel comes in for Dennis Neuman.
Youk walks, DeRo lines out (dang it), Victorino is out on a pop fly, Brian McCann comes in to PH for Ryan Braun, who doubles bringing Youk home and Chris Iannetta flies out.

USA 9 – NED 3

Top of the 9th:
P change Jonathan Broxton comes in for John Grabow and McCann stays in as RF.
Simons grounds out, de Jong strikes out swinging and Engelhardt grounds out to Jimmy Rollins effectively ending the Netherlands Cinderella story.

Final score:
USA 9 – NED 3