Okay, I am going to try my hand at live-blogging the WBC game tonight.   
USA vs. Venezuela

Top of 1st:
Jimmy Rollins gets a double and next up is Pedey, who tries a bunt. I swear I didn’t see the bunt and I was watching the damn game, but the announcers kept saying he tried to bunt…so…  Rollins is picked off and Pedey strikes out. Next up is Chipper Jones and…he’s down, having struck out.

Bottom of 1st:
Blanco flies out and it caught by Mark DeRosa. *grin* Sorry if I don’t pay too much attention to the VEN team. Mora grounds out and Rollins makes the pass to Youkie at 1st base. Hot damn this game may not be the waste of time I was thinking it was gonna be. LOL Ugh Abreu gets a single, but ends up stranded on 1st as Cabrera strikes out.

Top of 2nd:
Ugh Youkie grounds out and there’s out #1. Nice! David Wright is on 1st. Come on Dunn!!!! (I can’t believe I’m rooting for Adam Dunn!) 0-2 come on Dunn I know you can do this…FUCK!!! I know why I don’t like him now. Woo!!! Come on DeRosa!!! I’m gonna hurt that damn pitcher who just hit Mark in the lower back with a pitch. Next up is Chris Iannetta… Come on we have runners on 1st and 2nd. Damn it Iannetta you aren’t supposed to hit it back to the damn pitcher!!!! *sigh* Score is 0-0 still…

Bottom of 2nd:
Orsonez flies out; sweet! Caught by Curtis Granderson. Carlos Guillen grounds out to Pedey, who shoots it to Youkie. Nice!!! Lopez grounds out to Rollins at SS, who nails the throw to Youkie.

Top of 3rd:
Damn you Granderson for grounding out to 3rd. Rollins hit a line drive to the CF and he’s out; crap. Pedey grounds out and here we are still scoreless at the:

Bottom of 3rd:
Hernandez grounds out to Youk. Scutaro hit a line drive, getting a single. Blanco gets a single. Runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Damn it. Mora singles; seriously what the fuuuuuck is with all these singles? Fuck!!!! Scutaro just scored. Fuck. VEN 1 – USA 0. Thanks gods Abreu flies out and at least Granderson can catch a ball, because he can’t hit the damn thing; 2 outs. Cabrera grounds out to Pedey at 2nd and he’s out at 1st. Thank gods it was just 1 run.

 Top of 4th:
Chipper is up again and hopefully he’ll produce somedamnthing to write about because I’m seriously having ADD problems now. Come on Chipper!!!!! Fucking asshat. If Chipper really can’t see the ball, he better get some damn glasses.  Okay please for the love of all that is holy Youkilis, Please get a HR… Count is 3-2 fuck, fuck, and fuck. YAY YOUKIE!!!!! It’s a single, but hell I’ll take it. LOL Wright is up again and maybe he’ll do something awesome.   Let me just say now I fucking hate fly balls. Wright flies out. DUNNNN!!!!! WOO!!!! Youkie’s on 3rd and Dunn is on 1st; 2 outs. DeRosa!!!! Come on Mark!!!! Holy fuck! I fucking love Mark DeRosa!!!! Youkie comes home, Dunn comes home and DeRo’s on 3rd. USA up 2-1. Interesting fact: once the pitch count hit 70 the P is out. I think in MLB its 100? I’m sure I’ll be corrected if that’s wrong. Iannetta gets walked and Granderson is up and he grounds out.

*USA 2 – VEN 1*

Bottom of 4th:
Yeah take that Ordonez! He flies out to Granderson. Guillen’s up and note to self: Find out if Carlos Guillen is related to Ozzie. Sorry this is just how my mind works. He’s walked and Lopez is up to bat. Come on Oswalt!!!! Strike him out!!! Damn he doubles…fuck. I really think Oswalt need to come out of the game. Hernandez grounds out and Guillen scores; game’s tied 2-2. WHY ISN’T ANYONE WARMING UP IN THE BULLPEN?!?!?!  Scutaro is up and the count is 2-2. He’s walked. Fucking hell…get Oswalt out of there!!!! Blanco just got a hit and Lopez scores. VEN 3 – USA 2. The presence of Davy Johnson explains a lot to me. Finally Oswalt’s gone and Lindstrom is in to get the final out and prevent any further damage. Mora is up, so let’s see what Lindstrom can do. WOO Youkie! And Venezuela is retired.

Top of 5th:
Rollins hit a single and gets on base again. Damn, Pedey grounds out and it’s a double play. Do I even need to say what Chipper does? Grounds out.

Bottom of 5th:
Why is Davy Jones replacing Rollins with Jeter?! Replace Chipper!  Eh…I missed most of this so all I know is it was Abreu grounded out, Cabrera struck out and Ordonez hit a pop fly that Jeter caught.

Top of 6th:
I can honestly say I really can’t explain how Youkie ended up on 1st, I thought he was out, then there was a wild pitch and Youkie is on 1st. *shrugs* Damn ADD. Wright gets a single and we now have runners on 1st and 2nd. Come on Dunn!!! Ah well, I’ll take a walk; bases loaded. Pitching coach is out to the mound for VEN. DeRosa’s up. And gets a walk, forcing Youkilis home! That’s 3 RBI’s for my beloved Tribe’s newest addition.  Did I mention that we have no outs? Squee!!!! Iannetta is up and I must say I am partial to C’s. (Go ahead Nollie laugh, you know you want to. LOL) He doubles!!!! Wright comes home, Dunn comes home and DeRosa is….SAFE AT HOME!!!!! *jumps up and down; scares cats* USA 6 – VEN 3. Granderson is up…Meh. Granderson strikes out. Another pitching change? LOL. JETER!!!!! (Yes I’m cheering for Jeter) C’mon…a walk? PEDEY!!!!! I just love Dustin Pedroia; he’s so adorable.  Damn the count’s 2-2 Pedey isn’t having a very good night. 3-2. C’mon Pedey!!! 3-3. PEDEY!!!!!! C’MON PEDEY!!!! I just gotta say I had no idea Jeter was older than me and OMFG!!!! Pedey brings Iannetta and Jeter home. USA 7 – VEN 3. Thank gods Braun is pinch hitting for Chipper. Braun is out and Youkie is up. YEAAAAAH!!! 2 run HR for my boy Youkie!!!! Wright flies out for out 3.

*USA 10 – VEN 3*

Bottom of 6th:
Chipper is out of the game, thank gods; DeRosa is moved to third (where he’s going to play for my Tribe) and Ziegler in on the mound. Damn Guillen gets a HR. Lopez doubles. Hernandez gets a single. Damn it Lopez scores but Hernandez is out at 2nd. Blanco grounds out. USA 10 – VEN 5

Top of 7th:
Fuck yeah!!!! Dunn HR!!! Aww poor DeRosa grounds out. Crap Granderson is up again. *rolls eyes* 3-2 count and OMG Granderson got a single….wow… Iannetta on 2nd and Granderson on 1st. *Dying over Jimmy Rollins dancing in USA dugout* Jeter’s up now and funny how he only sickens me in MFY pinstripes. Aw crap fly out to RF, but Iannetta to 3rd so yay. Pedey!!!! Well hell…damns you Bobby Abreu!!!!

*USA 11 – VEN 5*

Bottom of 7th:
Ziegler out and Broxton in on the mound for USA. Mora grounds out to DeRosa and Abreu gets a single. Cabrera strikes out and Ordonez grounds to Jeter (SS); Jeter makes the throw to Pedey and Abreu is out at 2nd.

Top of 8th:
Braun gets walked, Youkie grounds forcing Braun out; Youkie on 1st. Wright gets a single, Youkilis goes to 3rd. Adam Dunn walks and Wright goes to 2nd. Victorino comes in to pinch run for Dunn. DeRosa’s sacrifice fly brings Youkie home and Wright goes to 3rd. Iannetta singles and Wright scores. Granderson singles (thank gods he’s finally hitting the ball) and Victorino comes home. Jeter grounds out taking us into the:

Bottom of 8th:
Victorino stays in the game replacing Dunn in RF; Broxton out and Hanrahan on the mound. It’s announced that Chipper left the game because of an injured back. Oy, I bet the Braves GM is sick right about now. Guillen grounds out, Lopez doubles, damn it and Ramirez hit’s a line drive to Victorino for out 2. Pitching change: Hanrahan out and Grabow on the mound. Scutaro files out for out 3.

Top of 9th:
Pedey flies out. Damn it. Poor Pedey! LOL. OMFG!!!! Ryan Braun, I love you! LOL HR! Youkie grounds out. *pouts* Wright gets a walk and Victorino gets the 3rd out on a pop fly. *pouts* (I don’t know why I’m pouting; this game is over LOL)

*USA 15 – VEN 5*

Bottom of 9th:
Do I even need to blog this? LMAO Well sure.  Pitching change: Bell comes in for Grabow. Blanco triples, Mora singles and Blanco scores. Abreu is up now and so help me gods we better win this damn game! Flies out to Granderson. Woo yeah! Cabrera is up now; c’mon Bell!!!! Count’s 2-1… DOUBLE PLAY!!!!

Final score: USA 15 – VEN 6

And I can’t stop smiling.