So I’m cooking some bacon tonight for dinner and when I’m done I go to pour the hot grease into a can like I always do. Fyi, I don’t save bacon grease; I just pour it into a can so I can throw it away later when it’s cold.

Anyway…my hand slipped and I ended up pouring the hot grease down my wrist. Nice right? Oh but it gets so very much better.

My first reaction isn’t drop the pan; it’s move the pan away from the hot burner.

My first thought isn’t “Searing pain”; it’s “Fuck! I don’t want to get grease on my Red Sox jersey”.

Then I washed the grease off with hot water! WTF is wrong with me?!

Finally I ran cold water on it for a minute and got an ice pack. I also felt the need to share this incident with Nollie via text message.

When I told her told her about my first thought her reply was, “Seriously?”
My response, “Yes seriously. You know how expensive jerseys are!”

Now I shall share some pictures because I took some Vicodin for the searing pain and am a little loopy.

This was about 10 minutes after I did it.

This was an hour and a half later!

3 hours later LOL it looks like an odd pattern.