Alex Rodriguez is trying to get us to believe that he did use a ‘banned substance’, but didn’t know what he used?!?!?!

How stupid does he think we (baseball fans) are? Seriously…

Let’s look at just how stupid that statement is, shall we?

1) I don’t know about anyone else, but if someone is coming at me with a syringe; they better damn well tell me what’s in it. Don’t believe me? Go get a syringe, fill it with water and walk towards any of your friends with it. I bet they ask you what the hell’s in it real quick.

2) He thinks this apology is the end of the ordeal. Uh…how about no. This is just the the beginning of the shit storm dear Alex. Just wait until your next game at Fenway. Heh, heh I bet he cries.

3) How does he know it’s ‘banned substance’ if he doesn’t know what it is? It could have been cyanocobalamin. (google it ) Trust me he knew.

I don’t feel like he’s some kind of hero… I’m not impressed that he gave a non-admission.

Yeah at least he didn’t try to deny it, unless we count the interview he did with Katie Couric and we do.

He only told the truth because he had to not because he wanted to. I mean seriously there is evidence and he didn’t want to come off like Bonds or Clemens.

This is why my favorite pitcher is Bronson Arroyo.

(Coco Crisp and Bronson Arroyo)
Heh, heh just look at him; there’s no way he could possibly be on steroids. He’s too damn skinny! Skinny or not, he’s still smokin’ hot!