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I’m happy to say I was so wrong! The Red Sox got their sexy ass Captain back for maybe two years.
I wasn’t kidding when I said I love Jason Varitek. He’s adorable like a big teddy bear.
Yeah, I have a catcher fetish, btw.
And since this is my blog, I’m going to add he has the best ass and legs in all of MLB. Which brings me to mention who else has a great ass and legs in MLB. ♥
This list is in no particular order:
♥ Bronson Arroyo (both)
Curt Schilling (both)
♠ Jon Lester (both)
♣ David Ross (both)
♥ Josh Beckett (nice legs)
♦ Justin Masterson (both)
♠ Kelly Shoppach (both)
♣ Jhonny Peralta (legs)                  
♥ Kerry Wood (both)
♦ Mark DeRosa (both)
♠Jim Edmonds (both)
♣Kevin Millar (both)
♥Victor Martinez (both)
♦ Grady sizemore (both)
♠ Tim Wakefield (both)
Hahahaha I’m sure I’ll think of more.
– K