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I’m through.
Officially done with the Jason Varitek ordeal.
I know how tomorrow is going to play out and it’ll end in tears (red sox nation’s).
So this is my goodbye to my once favorite player.

I don’t feel bad for saying it. Not one bit.
Okay, that’s a lie. I feel a little bad and yes it does make me sad to say it.
But if there is one thing I cannot stand it’s a whiny, overpaid baby.
I’ve said it before: I fucking wish someone would offer me 5 million dollars for 162 days of work. I know there’s more involved than that, but come on Varitek. Seriously.
There are other players out there who would be thrilled to get the offer you are ignoring.
For instance:

Jim Edmonds

Kevin Millar

I mean come on! Why aren’t these two signed yet?! They’re awesome! I’ll say this now, if I was the GM of the Reds I would sign these two in a heartbeat!
Well anyway…
I refuse to rant one more time about Varitek-gate.