Okay…I promised myself I would not comment on the election or results thereof, but I cannot hold it in any longer.

I don’t give a damn who you voted for or why. My problem now is simple: all of the kuso baka yaros who won’t let it go. Yeah I fucking said it, LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!

Why are people already condemning Barack Obama for the Dow Jones?! He hasn’t even been sworn in yet! For fuck’s sake that won’t even occur until January people.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with the fact that some of my best friends are republicans. It’s cool man… Do whatcha like man. In fact two of my best friends are republican and I love both of them to death.  My only problem is one of them really likes to shove their opinions down my throat when they know damn good and well where I stand on issues. On the other hand, the other one does not. They say what they want to say and that’s that and for this alone I love them to death.

Moving on to other things I’ve observed during these past two days.

  • Racism is alive and well in the good ‘ol US of A. The absolute filth I’ve both seen and heard coming out of these self-proclaimed non-racist good people’s mouths has absolutely stunned me.  I’m sorry but for some reason I feel as though we went back 50 years.
  • There are a whole hell of a lot of people who have no brain filters.
  • Way too many people rely on other people’s opinion when making important decisions.

I dislike talking about religion and politics with my family and friends. Mostly, it’s because I don’t care enough about politics to sustain a conversation. I don’t like arguing with my friends unless it’s just something silly like sports.

I’m venting…hell yes I’m venting after all the retarded things I’ve heard lately? You bettah fucking believe I’m venting my fat ass off. Are you pissed off by my blog? Good. Are you agreeing with my blog? Good. Do you want to smack me in the mouth? I fucking dare you to try.

My opinion is just as important as anyone else’s opinion and Kami knows I’ve listened to quiet a few these past two days.

Yeah that’s right, I FUCKING LISTENED TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Instead of, y’know hearing the first word and immediately thinking of all the things I was going to counter with.

In fact most of the time I just went, “Hn… Interesting…”

But the odd thing is I never once, not fucking once did I argue with, bitch out or condemn anyone with a differing opinion.

EXCEPT NOW! Because now I am annoyed.

So, yes I voted and yes I am a democrat on the books. In actuality I am a free thinking, middle of the road liberal. I’m not afraid to admit I look at both side of every argument and sometimes agree with both.

As I said many, many times before, “I don’t give a fuck who doesn’t like me.”

Thank you, that is all.