I almost died watching game 5 of the ALCS. *Seriously* I held my breath the entire bottom of the 9th inning literally chanting *extra innings and we die* I could not look at the TV. I kept IM-ing Richard that I was dying. Some random excerpts:

Around the 5th inning: 0-2 Rays

[22:36] pureevil231: oh, and how are you?
[22:42] aniRayne: pissed off
[22:43] pureevil231: why?
[22:43] aniRayne: the fucking red sox
[22:43] pureevil231: ah

around the 7th: 0-5 Rays

[22:56] aniRayne: This game is an abomination
[22:56] pureevil231: and?
[23:00] aniRayne: you hush…lol 😛

That’s when i gave up and turned the TV off and started rambling:

[23:31] aniRayne: I’m putting nine tails on the shelf for a couple weeks
[23:32] aniRayne: To update ‘wind and fire pt 2’
[23:32] aniRayne: *prepares to duck thrown objects*
[23:33] pureevil231:  *throws at Tactical Nuke at you*
[23:33] pureevil231:  *runs like hell*
[23:34] aniRayne: you missed
[23:34] pureevil231:  *boom, you are dead*
[23:34] aniRayne: the undead don’t die lol
[23:34] pureevil231:  it’s a combination of heat and light
[23:34] pureevil231:  the undead’s 2 major weaknesses
[23:35] aniRayne: LOL

Why yes…I am insane…LOL

I was so nervous I was talking about stocks…WTF?!

[23:41] aniRayne: oooo…rite aid’s stock is up to $0.78
[23:41] pureevil231:  as long as people are putting money into the stock, it will raise
[23:42] pureevil231:  if not, it’s going to bomb
[23:42] aniRayne: it’s about to get delisted
[23:43] pureevil231:  yeah

Then I got a couple text messages from Nolls…

Nollie: We will lose. But this game, with dignity intact.


I pull up TBS hot corner

K: Nolls I’m dying

N: I’m already dead. Mastie don’t make me hate you.

Then I went back to chatting: (nervous chatter once again)

[23:49] aniRayne: OMFG!
[23:49] aniRayne: Boston just came back from 0-7 in 2 innings!
[23:50] aniRayne: 7-7 top of 9th
[23:50] pureevil231:  shit son
[23:51] aniRayne: the crowd in going insane!
[23:52] aniRayne: they’re at Fenway
[23:52] pureevil231:  uh… no shit?
[23:52] aniRayne: sorry
[23:52] aniRayne: I forget how close you are lol
[23:53] pureevil231:  in maine, it’s split between the yankees and the sox
[23:53] pureevil231:  I know how friggin hardcore Baseball fans are
[23:54] aniRayne: yep
[23:54] pureevil231:  especially the sox and the yanks
[23:54] aniRayne: ohio is split between cincinnati reds/bengals and cleveland indians/browns
[23:54] aniRayne: yes
[23:55] aniRayne: I fucking hate the MFY
[23:55] pureevil231:  I see
[23:55] aniRayne: mother fucking yankees
[23:55] aniRayne: lol

I start to panic over Mastie pitching…and my sexy Mastie does not let me down…

[23:59] aniRayne: fuck yeah double play
[00:00] pureevil231:  last inning and sox are up?
[00:01] aniRayne: tied bottom of ninth
[00:01] pureevil231:  game over
[00:01] aniRayne: And I fucking love Justin Masterson

Bottom of the 9th…

[00:05] aniRayne: 2 outs…
[00:06] aniRayne: I can’t watch…
[00:07] aniRayne: hyperventilating
[00:09] pureevil231:  *hugs*

Text from Nolls is how I found out we won..


I turn around to look at the TV…

I have to celebrate and Richard was closest lol lol lol:

[00:17] aniRayne: we won…we won…we won…OH MY FUCKING GODS WE FUCKING WON!!!!!!!
[00:18] pureevil231:  yay
[00:20] aniRayne: Big Papi had a 3 run homer in the 7th
[00:20] pureevil231:  cool
[00:20] aniRayne: Its deja vu all over again
[00:21] pureevil231:  the rays won’t win
[00:21] aniRayne: I hope not

I finally exhale the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding…

I luvs Mastie:  sexy mastie

But I really luvs JD ‘I’m a motherfucking God’ Drew:  085