Some chatter from the later innings….

[00:21] aniRayne: because I love Mastie and all…but he can not hold the rays in this inning
[00:22] aniRayne: I think he’s saving paps
[00:22] aniRayne: and should not
[00:22] VulcanDiva: game is gone.
[00:22] VulcanDiva: series tied 1-1.
[00:22] VulcanDiva: i bet.
[00:22] aniRayne: yep
[00:22] VulcanDiva: I’d stake cash on it.
[00:22] aniRayne: me too
[00:22] VulcanDiva: Kevin cash, but still cash.
[00:23] aniRayne: I don’t think we’ll get out of this series
[00:23] VulcanDiva: agreed
[00:23] VulcanDiva: we can’t beat them
[00:23] aniRayne: no
[00:23] VulcanDiva: which is what i said before, even while we were playing the angels: yes, we might get to the ALCS but if it’s against the rays that’s the end of our season
[00:23] aniRayne: maybe with 9 Pedroia clones
[00:24] VulcanDiva: yeah
[00:24] VulcanDiva: and 4 jonnys
[00:24] VulcanDiva: i can’t do this
[00:24] aniRayne: yeah and a couple Paps

[00:24] aniRayne: yeah…
[00:25] aniRayne: Ironic that the song that just came on is ‘this is how a heart breaks’
[00:25] aniRayne: FUCKING HELL
[00:25] VulcanDiva: beckett broke my heart in the 1st inning when he blew 2-0
[00:26] VulcanDiva: *gives masterson an EXTENDED set you aflame glare…one that would make papelbon feel ashamed*
[00:26] aniRayne: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking…please tuck your heads between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye…because we are going down and not in the good way”
[00:27] VulcanDiva: lmao and btw i can so hear tek say that.
[00:27] aniRayne: me too

[00:29] aniRayne: what the fuck was that???
[00:29] VulcanDiva: ?
[00:29] VulcanDiva: WHAT THE FUCK is masterson thinking!?
[00:29] VulcanDiva: he wants to make the batter dance?!
[00:29] aniRayne: tsch GET HIM OUT OF THIS GAME!!!!
[00:29] VulcanDiva: oh fuck. pedroia.
[00:29] VulcanDiva: we’re done. we are done
[00:30] VulcanDiva: thats the game winning run. BRING IN PAPELBON
[00:30] VulcanDiva: i’m ready to cry
[00:30] aniRayne: me too
[00:31] aniRayne: GET HIM OUT OR GET HIM OUT!!!
[00:31] VulcanDiva: double play
[00:31] VulcanDiva: double fucking play
[00:31] aniRayne: that makes sense to me btw
[00:31] VulcanDiva: dp dp dp dp dp
[00:31] VulcanDiva: dp by dp
[00:31] VulcanDiva: makes sense here, too
[00:31] VulcanDiva: oh fuck
[00:31] VulcanDiva: masterson, please. don’t make me hate you.
[00:32] VulcanDiva: you do NOT want to be on the same list is j.p. beckett
[00:32] VulcanDiva: oh fuck
[00:32] VulcanDiva: oh shit
[00:32] aniRayne: Mastie PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI
[00:32] VulcanDiva: dp dp dp dp dp dp dp
[00:32] aniRayne: Don’t make Nollie hate you
[00:32] VulcanDiva: did i mention d fucking p
[00:32] VulcanDiva: oh goodness
[00:32] VulcanDiva: what a game
[00:32] VulcanDiva: it was foul
[00:33] aniRayne: ‘Get him out or get him out’ lol
[00:33] VulcanDiva: dp dp dp dp dp dp dp
[00:33] aniRayne: that would make sense to us
[00:33] VulcanDiva: nastie mastie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:33] VulcanDiva: nastie fucking mastie

[00:34] VulcanDiva: omg. what if papelbon derails?!
[00:34] aniRayne: he will not
[00:34] VulcanDiva: i need to keep reminding myself that he is jonathan fucking papelbon
[00:34] aniRayne: *gives set you aflame glare*
[00:35] aniRayne: This game has just defied all logic
[00:35] VulcanDiva: YES
[00:35] VulcanDiva: i think i’m having an aneurysm. lmao
[00:35] VulcanDiva: and i don’t refer to the wicked nirvana song by that name, either
[00:35] aniRayne: that’s why my eye hurts
[00:36] aniRayne: lol migraine
[00:36] VulcanDiva: lol
[00:36] aniRayne: fuck
[00:36] aniRayne: fuck
[00:36] aniRayne: fuck
[00:36] aniRayne: CASH
[00:36] aniRayne: NO
[00:36] aniRayne: NO
[00:36] aniRayne: NO
[00:36] aniRayne: NO
[00:36] aniRayne: NO
[00:36] aniRayne: WE NEED TEK-KUN!!!
[00:36] VulcanDiva: hmm. my left arm just went fucking numb!!!!!! lmao
[00:37] VulcanDiva: *freaks out*
[00:37] VulcanDiva: *panic*
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE PENA
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] aniRayne: DIE
[00:38] VulcanDiva: *gives papelbon a DOUBLE DOSE of his glare!*

[00:40] aniRayne: DIE PENA
[00:40] aniRayne: DIE
[00:40] aniRayne: DIE
[00:40] aniRayne: DIE
[00:40] aniRayne: …
[00:40] aniRayne: that worked on Vlad
[00:40] VulcanDiva: strike out strike out strike fucking out
[00:40] VulcanDiva: K K K K K K K K K
[00:41] VulcanDiva: fuckign KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK papelbon
[00:41] aniRayne: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[00:41] VulcanDiva: lmao
[00:41] aniRayne: yeah
[00:41] VulcanDiva: K!
[00:41] VulcanDiva: papelbon, you get whatever the fuck you want.
[00:41] aniRayne: hes dead nolls

[00:55] aniRayne: I’m dying…
[00:55] VulcanDiva: me
[00:56] aniRayne: I’m dying…
[00:56] VulcanDiva: 2
[00:56] aniRayne: I died…
[00:56] aniRayne: I died and you walked by and said no…
[00:56] VulcanDiva: she’s dead, jim
[00:56] VulcanDiva: NO! you are forbidden to die

I was quoting Pearl Jam lol.

[00:57] aniRayne: yes ma’am
[00:57] VulcanDiva: you die when i TELL YOU lmao

[00:58] VulcanDiva: my heart cant take this lmao
[00:58] aniRayne: mine either
[00:59] aniRayne: *wraps arms around stomach-rocks back and forth*
[00:59] aniRayne: GAHHHH
[00:59] aniRayne: FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:00] VulcanDiva: i hope he isn’t hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:00] aniRayne: Shite that hit our sexy Paps
[01:00] VulcanDiva: whoever that batter was, he needs to be hurt WORSE
[01:00] aniRayne: We shall kiss it and make it bettah
[01:00] VulcanDiva: we shall kiss it numerous times

Sanity slips away…

[01:04] VulcanDiva: in my blog
[01:04] VulcanDiva: Eleventh Inning Randomness:
 ~Adult activities on Timlin’s car: Best inside joke ever. LMAO
[01:05] VulcanDiva: timlin. bullpen.
[01:05] VulcanDiva: help me. i’m dying.
[01:05] VulcanDiva: i cant breathe
[01:07] aniRayne: me either I had to lay down

And there it goes…lol

[01:07] VulcanDiva: timlin…bullpen………………..
[01:07] VulcanDiva: *rocking back and forth, eyes wide, chanting “timlin…bullpen” repeatedly*
[01:08] aniRayne: *rocks with you*
[01:08] VulcanDiva: FUCK i hate strikes
[01:08] VulcanDiva: unless we’re pitching
[01:08] aniRayne: Timlin…bullpen…Timlin…bullpen…
[01:08] aniRayne: yes!!!!!
[01:08] aniRayne: I read that as Jedi btw
[01:08] aniRayne: LOL

[01:08] VulcanDiva: Jim: so when you fucked timlin on his car, was that what you were saying the whole time: ‘timlin….bullpen…’?
[01:09] aniRayne: LMAO LMAO LMAO
[01:09] VulcanDiva: it kinda has a rhythm to it…
[01:09] aniRayne: *maincal laughter*
[01:09] VulcanDiva: p.s. jeddie listened to me
[01:10] VulcanDiva: *DYING over timlin bullpen*
[01:10] aniRayne: O.oO.oO.oO.oO.o

[01:14] VulcanDiva: we. need. an. rbi.
[01:15] aniRayne: ‘you ain’t got no alibi….we just need an rbi…’
[01:15] VulcanDiva: let’s go marc
[01:15] VulcanDiva: let’s go marc
[01:15] VulcanDiva: let’s go marc
[01:15] VulcanDiva: let’s go marc

[01:15] aniRayne: *looks around*
[01:16] aniRayne: lost my mind again…
[01:16] VulcanDiva: joshie stoled it
[01:16] aniRayne: *starts chanting*
[01:16] aniRayne: Marc-o
[01:16] aniRayne: polo
[01:17] aniRayne: marc-o
[01:17] VulcanDiva: *snort*
[01:17] aniRayne: polo
[01:17] aniRayne: timlin
[01:17] aniRayne: bullpen
[01:17] VulcanDiva: lmao

Mind has ceased to be….

[01:19] VulcanDiva: *panic* timlin might pitch *panic*
[01:20] aniRayne: ….
[01:20] aniRayne: he won’t be on his car…
[01:20] aniRayne: lol
[01:20] VulcanDiva: i want him on his car, dammit not a pitcher’s mound
[01:20] aniRayne: …
[01:21] aniRayne: you can’t pitch off a car…
[01:21] VulcanDiva: now i am picturing Mikey standing atop his car pitching
[01:21] aniRayne: too tall
[01:21] VulcanDiva: oh shite gmta
[01:21] VulcanDiva: what if it’s a flat car?
[01:21] aniRayne: maybe dustin could
[01:21] aniRayne: not timlin
[01:21] aniRayne: lol
[01:21] aniRayne: too tall for the strike zone
[01:22] VulcanDiva: look at the tv.
[01:22] VulcanDiva: look at the fucking tv
[01:22] aniRayne: at least his car isn’t there….
[01:23] aniRayne: ‘Timlin is a veteran’ nice way to say too old…

I can barely look….*closes eyes*

[01:31] aniRayne: panicking
[01:32] VulcanDiva: thanks
[01:32] VulcanDiva: and i am
[01:32] VulcanDiva: worse so now
[01:32] VulcanDiva: GET TIMLIN OUT
[01:33] aniRayne: YES!!!!
[01:33] aniRayne: NOW DAM NIT!!!!!
[01:33] VulcanDiva: new. pitcher. now.
[01:33] aniRayne: LOL

[01:33] aniRayne: I’m going under….
[01:33] aniRayne: aroun the bend…
[01:33] VulcanDiva: on a bright note, timlin’s hair is yummy
[01:34] aniRayne: spinning out of control…
[01:34] aniRayne: lol
[01:34] VulcanDiva: me2
[01:34] aniRayne: uses turtle wax lol
[01:35] VulcanDiva: lol
[01:35] aniRayne: to the sox:
[01:36] aniRayne: Hey you! out there on the road
 Always doing what you’re told, can you help me
 Hey you! out there beyond the wall
 Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me
 Hey you! don’t tell me there’s no hope at all
 Together we stand, divided we fall.
[01:36] aniRayne: fuck fuck
[01:36] VulcanDiva: we just lost.
[01:36] aniRayne: fuckidy fuck

P.S. Joshua Patrick…Do you know where you are…You in the jungle baby…You gonna die….

I luvs Dustin Pedroia04f1b9f763_dustin_100308

I luvs Nastie Mastie and Nastie Papsmastieand paps

I want to hurt Joshielol and Tek too…