I love these retarded surveys on MySpace…I can honestly say I’ve never had to explain my sarcastic answers. LMFAO! I got this one from DeAnne and she is also the one who sent it back to me. 😛

..” “..-DeAnne

>>” “<<-me.

Can you take this witho​ut delet​ing any quest​ions?
​​I never knew deleting them was an option
..You learn something new every day!..
Name 3 thoug​hts you have at this exact​ momen​t?
​​3) “La la la la”
..THAT is deep. Like, whoa..
>>Thanks to ADD<<
You’​​re walki​ng down the stree​t with your lover​,​​ where​ are you going​?​​
To Arby’s roast beef sale
..Do those happen often?..
>>yep 5 for $5<<
What’​​s somet​hing you reall​y want right​ now, be hones​t?​​
to conquer the world
..Let me know when that happens :p..
>>You’ll be my second in command<<
Last time you had butte​rflie​s in your stoma​ch?
​​Who told you I eat butterfiles?!
..Your mom. True story.
>>She talks a lot lolz<<
Is there​ a frien​d parti​cular​ly that you miss?
​​yeah but I’m gonna take lessons on improving my aim
..If it’s me you’re aiming for, I have a tip: aim for the person next to me! Yeah, you’d probably hit them instead, but think how funny it’d be! besides, you don’t REALLY want to hit me, right? I mean, you might hit me in the nose and I’d end up looking like Marcia Brady!..
>>No, I’d hit myself. True story<<
What is your under​wear colo​r?​​
..Is polkadot really a color?..
>>Yes in my world<<
What are you listening to?
In the Sun- Joseph Arthur (why you so nosey?)
..Have you seen my nose? HUGE! That’s why.
Tell me a random fact:
The antibiotic Vancomycin when given in high doses can cause ototoxicity
..AND it uses big words I don’t understand! DOUBLE BONUS!..
>>Causes deafness lolz<<
Do you have siblings?
I have one.
..Is it a brother? Is he single? Wink wink, nudge nudge! lol..
>>Nope, sorry<<
Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex?
Yep, I have an older brother
..Disregard question concerning gender :p..
>>Consider it done<<
Do you know anyone who’s gay?
so’s your face!
..Takes one to know one!..
>>Best comeback evah<<
Song playing?
Under the milkyway- the Church (Dude What’s with all the jackassy questions?)
..That’s not very nice. It’s not the donkey who wrote these questions fault that these questions are jackassy. It’s in his nature.
>>Okay, you got me on that one lolz<<