7e36c6767e_beck_10042008 Dear Joshua Patrick Beckett,

Your pitching was an EPIC FAIL tonight. You came into the game knowing you weren’t 100%. Seriously WTF? Is it because you didn’t want to not be included in the ALDS or what?!

Hmm…I’m thinking EGO TRIP. What else could explain it. If you’re hurting to the point of harming the team, Kami-sama, don’t play. Geeze, even I could figure that one out. Tsch…

And don’t you go ‘Curt Schilling’s bloody sock’ on me. Even he says he shouldn’t have played. Also the fact that he is not a fucking pussy has a lot to do with it.

There is a big difference between just going out to collect a paycheck vs. making a difference. Take a wild guess which you did Joshie.

JD Drew played Friday night with a herniated disc in his back. Propped up by 2 epidurals he cemented our win in game 2. What did you do Joshie?

There is another name for what you do Joshie; it’s called EPIC SHIT!


One pissed off Red Sox fan

P.S. Tell Terry Francona that is management of the bullpen sucks harder than Jeter.