Nollie is with friends and not able to get on AIM…*cries* So poor Richard…he has to put up with my rants on the chat box about a game he couldn’t really care less about.

Top of the 3rd inning:

[20:55] aniRayne: I am getting in my car and driving to Fenway and removing Josh Beckett’s nuts with a melon baller!
[20:55] aniRayne: that non-pitching assclown
[20:56] pureevil231: O_O
[20:56] aniRayne: sorry…lol
[20:56] aniRayne: I don’t even have a melonballer lol
[20:56] pureevil231: wow


[20:57] aniRayne: he’s walking in fucking runs
[20:57] pureevil231: so?
[20:59] aniRayne: I want the red sox to sweep the angels


[21:13] aniRayne: I want him kicked out of Fenway!
[21:13] aniRayne: Preferably over the green monster!
[21:13] pureevil231: lol
[21:13] aniRayne: and when he lands
[21:14] aniRayne: I’ll be there to rip his balls off

Okay top of the 9th inning and it’s tied 4-4. Acckkk! How am I supposed to write when all I can think about the fucking game?!?!?! For the love of all that is holy…I can’t take extra innings….

Feh…of course threats didn’t work…damnit…dam nit….LMAO!