1:19am EST

I’m dying. This game is killing me. lolz Bottom of the 9th 7-5 Red Sox……

*pray to God*

*praying to God*

Chatting with Nollie since top of the 6th I believe. It brought our beloved Sox luck last time…

Well we’ll see….. Random banter:

[00:44] aniRayne: fuck KROD
[00:45] aniRayne: krod? lmao
[00:45] VulcanDiva: i know
[00:45] aniRayne: k rod
[00:45] VulcanDiva: so many Rods
[00:45] aniRayne: krod (said as a word) sounds like a fish
[00:46] aniRayne: I’ll have the beer battered krod please
[00:46] aniRayne: *snort*


[00:53] VulcanDiva: it’s official
[00:53] VulcanDiva: masterson has made my list.
[00:54] aniRayne: My poor sexy Mastie
[00:54] aniRayne: I shall comfort him


[00:58] VulcanDiva: FUCK texiera
[00:58] VulcanDiva: papelbon will set you AFLAME


[00:58] aniRayne: Calm down Paps
[00:59] aniRayne: fucking fuck fuck
[00:59] VulcanDiva: that run, fyi, was charged to Masterson
[01:00] aniRayne: one more
[01:00] aniRayne: please paps


[01:01] aniRayne: DIE VLAD!!!
[01:01] aniRayne: DIE
[01:02] aniRayne: DIE
[01:02] aniRayne: DIE
[01:02] aniRayne: DIE
[01:02] aniRayne: DIE
[01:02] VulcanDiva: he’s dead, jim


[01:02] aniRayne: I LOVE DUSTIN!
[01:02] aniRayne: that was dustin right?
[01:02] VulcanDiva: yes
[01:02] aniRayne: lolz
[01:02] aniRayne: he gets a bj too
[01:02] VulcanDiva: and i will give any red sox who score the game winner anything he wants
[01:02] aniRayne: a couple of ’em


[01:06] VulcanDiva: the commentator saying “OR-tiz” instead of “or-TIZ” is grating on my nerves


[01:09] VulcanDiva: come on drew
[01:09] aniRayne: DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:09] VulcanDiva: i’ll give you a mindblowing BJ if you get a run in
[01:09] aniRayne: ME TOO!!!
[01:09] aniRayne: AT THE SAME TIME!
[01:09] VulcanDiva: hell why dont we just offer a threesome?


[01:11] VulcanDiva: Bay should tack one one just for the hell of it
[01:11] aniRayne: Drew is channeling Curt’s bloody sock
[01:11] VulcanDiva: YES
[01:12] VulcanDiva: painkillers are good 😉
[01:12] VulcanDiva: i want to kiss the tv
[01:12] aniRayne: you can tell he’s hurting
[01:12] VulcanDiva: indeed.
[01:12] aniRayne: poor baby
[01:12] aniRayne: we can help
[01:12] VulcanDiva: he needs to be hugged and kissed, etc
[01:12] aniRayne: he has pretty eyes
[01:13] VulcanDiva: he is good looking
[01:13] aniRayne: fucked, sucked


[01:13] VulcanDiva: go bay
[01:13] VulcanDiva: man, i cant decide which one of them is gettin’ some tonight 😉
[01:13] VulcanDiva: it should be Drew AND Bay
[01:13] VulcanDiva: Kotsay is cute, too
[01:13] VulcanDiva: the whole fucking team is cute
[01:13] aniRayne: Ne, Papi?
[01:14] aniRayne: aye papi


[01:21] VulcanDiva: let’s go, paps
[01:22] VulcanDiva: let’s kick some angels ASS
[01:22] VulcanDiva: i think Vlad is going to CRY! lmao
[01:22] VulcanDiva: cry, vlad, cry!!!!!!!!!
[01:22] aniRayne: like the bitch you are !!!!
[01:22] VulcanDiva: lol


[01:23] VulcanDiva: paps, baby, sexy baby, get him
[01:23] VulcanDiva: one nasty strike …….
[01:24] VulcanDiva: their starter looks teary too
[01:24] VulcanDiva: WOOOOOOO YOUK
[01:24] VulcanDiva: dirtdog 🙂
[01:24] VulcanDiva: WICKED job, youk


[01:28] aniRayne: FUCK YEAH!
[01:28] aniRayne: SWEEP
[01:28] aniRayne: SWEEP
[01:28] aniRayne: SWEEP
[01:29] aniRayne: LOLZ


[01:32] VulcanDiva: i’m gonna go get a glass of water. dirty water.
[01:32] aniRayne: yes
[01:32] aniRayne: I LOVE THAT DRRTY WATAH
[01:33] aniRayne: BAWSTON YOU’RE MY HOME!!1
[01:34] VulcanDiva: lol


[01:34] VulcanDiva: so they call krod the best in the game? i disagree. PAPS is the best closer in the game!
[01:35] aniRayne: YES without a doubt
[01:35] VulcanDiva: what a game……
[01:35] VulcanDiva: see THATS what you call a playoff game
[01:35] VulcanDiva: not that blowout the cubs suffered yesterday
[01:35] aniRayne: Paps get up in the morning a pisses excellence
[01:36] VulcanDiva: lol yep

I like I said…I fucking love this game!

085 JD Drew lolz