So…I’m trying, trying, trying to write chapter 11 of my fic ‘Nine Tails’ but I can’t get the ideas out of my head and translated to text. AAAAAHHHHH! *Bangs head against wall*

I really am trying to write, but I keep getting so damn distracted.

I blame sports…I’ll be focused and suddenly I’m like, oooh, I need to check the scores and then I check myspace. Then I check for reviews, even though that’s been an exercise in futility lately.


I mean, I spent a good chunk of time staring at a picture of Josh Beckett:

JoshBeckett Its very yummy as you can see. But was it time well spent? Fucking no. I have a reader who contacted me on myspace demanding a chapter of update from me. I used to be such a fast writer too…

Also what am I doing writing a blog? PROCRASTINATING that’s what. I really need to get cracking on chapter 11 so… Gotta go!

Smooches~ Ani